E77/2405 (Burracoppin Project) showing the location of drilling by previous explorer. Note: The geology is based on geophysical interpretation and modelling as explained in the Independent Technical Assessment Report within Cygnus’ Prospectus dated 22 November 2017

The principal target on the Burracoppin Project is a greenstone belt interpreted from geophysical datasets and limited outcrop mapping.

Previous explorers identified two targets of interest at Burracoppin:

(a)    Lindley; where soils sampling by previous explorers is considered ineffective, however it ranked as one of the previous explorers most prospective areas throughout the Westonia Greenstone Belt and;

(b)    Ducks Beak; a syenite intrusion recognised by a previous explorer. Syenite stocks are important gold deposit hosts in Archaean granite-greenstone terranes in both Australia and Canada.

The locations of the Edna May gold mine immediately to the northeast, and the Burgess Find gold deposit immediately to the east are also considered encouraging.